TIP TIG Welding Benefits

  • Highest possible weld quality

    TIP TIG is the only welding process capable of manual welds that don’t require weld rework.

  • One welding process for all welds

    Benefit from only one welding process, one gas, one weld wire, one procedure, and very simple weld settings for all welds.

  • Lowest possible weld impurities

    TIP TIG provides the highest weld energy, the lowest weld impurities, the most moderate weld oxidation, and the lowest weld porosity.

  • Lowest welding fumes, no spatter and no cleaning

    Benefit from welds with no weld spatters, no cleaning, no grinding, and the lowest possible weld fumes.

  • Easy to learn and easy to use in all welding positions

    Those that use Pulsed MIG GTAW and Flux Cored on 5G pipe welds will when using TIP TIG find from the root to fill passes that the TIP TIG unique weld characteristic, makes TIP TIG the easiest to use process (less welding skills required), for any all position welds.

  • TIP TIG reduces labor costs by more than 60%

    Each hour, one TIP TIG welder will do the welds produced by 3 to 4 conventional TIG welders. TIP TIG will provide similar weld speeds as pulsed MIG. Don’t forget weld rejects, weld rework, weld grinding, weld cleaning, and part distortion also influence weld costs. TIP TIG should eliminate all those issues.