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Troubleshooting: Portable AllinOne

How to upgrade to the new control board



You can request your TIP TIG unit’s specific Owner’s Manual to find replacement parts and get the most out of your TIP TIG products. The manuals provide detailed answers to your product questions, including safety precautions, operations/setup information, maintenance, troubleshooting, and parts lists.

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The new TIP TIG Control Board

Video Tutorial

Watch the screencast to get started fast with the new control board

Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to frequent questions asked by customers

  1. Press button II for more than 3 seconds
  2. Enter the access code
  3. Use button B to go to LANGUAGE or SPRACHE
  4. Use the control knob to choose your language
  5. Use button B to go to EXIT
  6. Press button II for more than 1 second
  • Please contact office@tiptig.com