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Why TIP TIG is better than TIG Welding and MIG Welding

TIG welding (tungsten inert gas welding) is a gas shielded manual arc welding process that requires the welder to use both hands to weld.
It is used wherever optimum quality and spatters free weld joints are required. One hand is used for adding the filler metal to the weld puddle and the other hand is to hold the TIG torch. This makes the process slow.

But what matters most today? Efficiency – in other words, getting faster and faster while the weld quality remains high.
That’s exactly what the TIP TIG technology does. Thanks to the TIP TIG technology you can weld with the quality of TIG and the speed of MIG welding.

TIP TIG is a subset of the gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) process.
As opposed to the standard TIG welding process, the filler metal for TIP TIG welding is a standard welding wire on a spool. The filler material is simple feed to the tip of the tungsten electrode.

To improve the deposition rate we induce a vibratory effect on the welding wire and apply hot wire current on the filler metal before it even enters the weld puddle. The vibration comes from a sinusoidal agitation applied mechanically using a 4-Roll wire drive unit. The hot wire current is created by a secondary power source within the TIP TIG wire feeders.
The agitation appeared to increase the fluidity of the weld puddle and help break up impurities and release evolving gases for reduced risk of inclusions and porosity.

The TIP TIG welding process is applicable on most TIG needing welding techniques and on alloys like Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steels, Inconel, Stellite, Titanium, Hastelloy, Copper Nickel, Nickel Chrome Alloys, 9% Nickel Steel for LNG applications and aluminum welding.

Welding equipment that uses the TIP TIG process are in fact TIG welders. The core application TIP TIG is attaining a higher weld speed and increasing your weld production.

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* Depending on application

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* Depending on application

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How it works

The unique TIP TIG weld dynamic slows down the weld solidification process and enlarges the fluid weld area. The TIP TIG weld changes, improve the TIG weld receptivity for higher weld deposition rates. TIP TIG typically enables a 100% to 400% increase in TIG wire feed rates which also allows higher weld current to be used. The resulting faster TIP TIG weld speeds and higher than normal TIG weld energy enables numerous TIG weld quality and productivity benefits.

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portable wire feeder, suitcase wire feeder

Unique and Durable Case, Impact-resistant, flame-retardant case provides strength and durability. Small enough to fit through ship manways and light enough to carry around the site.


Setting the Standard for Performance and suitable for shipbuilding, offshore, construction or pipe welding operations.

TIG wire feeder for TIG welding

Intuitive operation
The easy-to-use operating panel and the clearly structured user interface ensure that you are ready to start welding without having to make any additional preparations.

Why we’re different

TIP TIG is the only semi-automatic weld process capable of consistently producing optimum, all position code quality welds on carbon steels or any alloy applications without concern for weld rework and without concern for the effects of weld heat on the alloys welded. TIP TIG is the only process capable of delivering the highest possible weld energy with the unusual benefit of also providing the lowest possible weld heat.

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About us

Founded in 1997 by Siegfried Plasch. Family-owned and headquartered in Krenglbach, Austria. We develop and manufactures high-performance welding equipment that uses our patented wire feed technology to improve the productivity of our customers.

As a technology leader, we work together with our customers and partners to develop welding technology for the future. All products are made in Austria. Our aim is to make welding processes even more safer, sustainable and more economical. As a full-service provider, we assume responsibility for the entire welding process. We are proud to help our customers with TIG welding tips and hints. In-house research and development and more than 30 years experience in the welding industry are the foundation for the technological advancement that is associated with the TIP TIG brand.

GTAW welder with integrated wire feeder for TIG welding

Dynamic wire feeding for a controllable weld pool even with positional welding: The wire feeding is superimposed in parallel using a sinusoidal movement


Outstanding TIG welding characteristics by digital inverter technology
Distinguished by their high efficiency and superb welding characteristics, inverters utilise digital software control technology that has a significant influence on the outcome of the welding process.

What does TIP TIG mean?

We have been asked many times what does “TIP TIG” mean.

Here is the answer:

  • TIP is German and means „Technologie Ingenieur Plasch“ which means translated to English „Technology of Engineer Plasch“
  • TIG means “Tungsten Inert Gas”.


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