TIP TIG increases welding speeds, depositions rates, weld quality and saves welding costs 🚀 How it works The mechanical action of the forward and backward motion of the filler wire creates an oscillation transferred into the weld. This agitates the molten weld pool, which then disrupts the surface tension. The combination of these processes produces […]

TIP TIG aluminum welding

https://youtu.be/cy7hYZhlI3I TIP TIG aluminum welding 6 mm + 6 mmMaterial: 5356No joint preparationWeld Amps: 340 AWelding speed: 0.35 m/min (13.8 IPM)AVC (arc voltage control) Dramatic productivity gainsDramatic cost reductionsAlmost…

TIP TIG – Future Of TIG Welding

TIP TIG - Future Of TIG Welding The TIP TIG welding process derives its name from the acronym of the German word "Technologie Ingenieur Plasch," which means "Technology of Engineer Plasch," weldingpros.net

Upgrade of an existing weld head.

Make a great product even better by upgrading an existing weld head with the original TIP TIG wire feed technology. TIP TIG, often imitated, never duplicated. For more information, please get in contact with us.