Welding in the Power Generation Industry

Stainless Steels, High-Alloy steels, Chrome-Moly, and 9% Chrome creep-resistant alloys are widely used in this busy sector. TIP TIG will deliver the best weld Quality with the best mechanical properties on all these alloys.
Whether you’re involved in the fossil fuel, nuclear or renewable energy market, there is no question you will have an alloy that will benefit from the lowest heat input welding process with the highest weld quality, as many of our clients have learned.
The width of this market is unrivaled in opportunities as there are many uses, from onsite pipe welding with our portable system to complex prefabs of turbines and supporting equipment with our manual and automated hot wire TIG systems.

TIP TIG has been involved globally with many of the world’s biggest equipment and labor suppliers.

As all power generation markets require code quality workmanship under often very time-restricted projects, we deliver exactly what you need the highest deposit rates with the best quality in the industry.

Clients in the Power Generation Industry using TIP TIG