tiptig oil and gasPerhaps the most popular industry for Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex and Inconel Alloys due to these highly corrosive environments, the TIP TIG process has been used extensively as a leading welding process by some of the largest companies throughout the world.

Due to the hostile conditions offshore oil and gas platforms operate under, combined with the acidity due to processing hydrocarbons, many alloys are used in the marine offshore oil and gas processing equipment and piping systems, enabling the equipment to work under high temperature and pressures.

The demand for qualified welders in this sector combined with the need for Xray quality, ASME code quality welds, have driven our clients to look for the most efficient and effective processes available on the market. The answer to their requirements has been TIP TIG! The reason has been, the ease of use of our manual systems and the repeatable quality of our more advanced orbital solutions.