Manufacturer warranty

Warranty conditions

Our welding systems are designed and manufactured for professional and industrial applications to ensure the maximum reliability and quality of the operating conditions provided and described in the operating instructions.
We (hereinafter referred to as “Manufacturer”) grant the end-user (hereinafter “User”) a manufacturer’s warranty per the following provisions.

Warranty period

The warranty period of one or two years begins on the day of the user’s first purchase of the new device. Please prove the date of purchase by presenting the original proof of purchase. The submission must be made when asserting the warranty claims and within the warranty period. Otherwise, warranty claims are excluded.

Warranty restrictions

This warranty does not apply to parts and components of the product, which are subject to aging and normal wear:

  • Metal parts and plastic parts, adhesives, paints, and surface treatments
  • Wheels
  • Sockets, plugs, and connection cables
  • Connection cables for the interfaces and remote controls, the damage such as abrasion, superficial cuts, bruises, burns, and tampering
  • Hose packages and torch wear parts. Components of the torch such as protective sheathing, torch body, cables, and wires that like damage abrasion, superficial cuts, bruises, burns, and tampering
  • individual components of the wire feed system, such as rollers, gears, bearings, shafts, bushings, wire guide systems
  • Accessories such as pressure reducers and flow meters
  • Switches, changeover switches, and remote switches
  • Wire feed motors and oscillation motors
  • Coolant pumps of the cooling units
  • Fan
  • Solenoid valves
  • Quick couplings

Warranty claim

The warranty can be claimed through the manufacturer or the authorized dealer from whom the product was purchased.

To submit a warranty claim, it is necessary to present this certificate along with the original invoice, which must show the serial number of the equipment.

The guarantee does not cover the cost of claiming the defect, no direct and indirect travel expenses, no daily compensation or costs for meals and accommodation. By the manufacturer accepted errors or deviations in the products, under the condition that the errors or deviations, as described in the previous paragraph, are reported, the manufacturer determines and organizes, in agreement with the authorized dealer, the measures to quickly restore the functionality of the product covered by the terms of validity this warranty.

The defective product must be sent to the registered office of the manufacturer or authorized dealer where the product was purchased. The costs for packaging and transport are not covered by the warranty.

The restoration of the product’s functionality is carried out by the manufacturer or the authorized dealer from whom it was purchased through the free replacement and/or repair of the defective components covered by the validity conditions of this warranty and without further action.

The satisfaction of the claim is carried out by restoring the functionality of the product. The installation of spare parts for the restoration of functionality in no case extends the warranty period of the product. Removed spare parts pass into the possession of the manufacturer.

Reimbursement of costs in the event of a supposed warranty claim

If the user makes the warranty claim and the examination of the product reveals that there are no defects or that the conditions of the warranty claim are not met, the manufacturer or the authorized dealer who carried out the intervention on behalf of the manufacturer is entitled to charge a refund for the costs incurred by the work carried out.

Exclusion of warranty

This warranty does not cover defects caused by wear and tear of the product, improper use, and non-compliance with the installation instructions and maintenance listed in the product’s instruction manual, such as:

  • Ignoring the installation instructions and use of the product
  • products its type plates with a removed or illegible indication of the model and the serial number
  • lack of periodic maintenance, through by the manufacturer authorized personnel, as stated in the operating instructions
  • incorrect connection to the supply sources of the product, voltage peaks outside the specifications (as an example: damage of the protective varistor)
  • wrong grid voltage or wrong current type
  • incorrect commissioning of the product, insufficient ventilation, or obstruction of airflow
  • damage during transportation of the product
  • improper or incorrect use of the product
  • interventions or repairs to the product by the manufacturer unauthorized personnel
  • manipulations or changes to the product
  • failure to comply with safety standards
  • damage caused by other components in the work environment of the product
  • damage caused by third parties
  • coincidence or force majeure (for example lightning, surges, fire, hail, flood, etc.)

Liability of the manufacturer

This warranty does not affect the legal warranty rights of the user vis-à-vis the dealer from whom the product was purchased.

Outside the European Union, there may be deviations from these warranty provisions.