About Us

We were founded in 1997 by Siegfried Plasch. Family-owned and headquartered in Krenglbach, Austria. We develop and manufacture high-performance welding equipment that uses our innovative wire feed technology to improve our customers’ productivity.

As technology leaders, we work with our customers and partners to develop welding technology for the future. All products are made in Austria. We aim to make welding processes safer, more sustainable, and more economical. As a full-service provider, we assume responsibility for the entire welding process. We are proud to help our customers with TIG welding tips and hints. In-house research and development and more than 30 years of experience in the welding industry are the foundation for the TIP TIG brand’s technological advancement.

  • Austrian family business founded in 1997

  • Headquarter in Krenglbach, Austria

Frequently Asked Questions

TIP TIG welding equipment is made at our production plant in Krenglbach, Austria. We assemble our welding machines at the assembly factory on the same premises as our headquarters. Proximity to R&D allows flexible and reactive operations and, most importantly, the production of premium quality welding equipment.

TIP TIG welding equipment, welders, guns and torches, and safety gear are sold globally by our dealer network. You can find your nearest TIP TIG representative on our contact page.

Don’t hesitate to contact TIP TIG dealers with price inquiries and receive a personal offer.

At the moment, we do not have an online store. You can purchase TIP TIG welding equipment from authorized TIP TIG dealers on our contact page. Some of our dealers may have an online store, so check that option from dealer contacts if you want to purchase welding equipment online.

You can find operating manuals on the TIP TIG support page. In addition, the TIP TIG support includes declarations of conformity and other user documentation. The site is available in several languages.

We list all open positions on our website. You are also welcome to send an available application for future opportunities or look for a trainee position.