TIP TIG is the only semi-automatic weld process capable of consistently producing optimum, all position code quality welds on carbon steels or any alloy applications without concern for weld rework and without fear for the effects of weld heat on the alloys welded.

TIP TIG is the only process capable of delivering the highest possible weld energy (optimum fusion – minimum porosity) with the significant benefit of also providing the lowest possible weld heat. These two benefits are necessary to attain consistently optimum code quality welds and the solution to resolve most alloy weld issues that occur with regular TIG and pulsed MIG.

With TIP TIG, the continuously fed weld wire is superimposed by a secondary, high-speed oscillation, which is generated by the patent-pending four rolls, mechanized drive plate. The mechanical action of the drive plate generates a vibration that passes through the welding wire into the weld. The vibration agitates the weld pool. A further influence on the TIP TIG weld is the hot wire current, which preheats the welding wire, improving the wire receptivity into the TIG weld. The agitation of the TIP TIG weld and the added weld energy creates unique TIG weld dynamics, which slow down the weld solidification. Enabling longer TIG weld fluidity allows more TIP TIG weld wire to be fed into the weld pool. The increase in TIP TIG weld wire enables more weld current, which further enlarges the TIG arc plasma and further increases the weld energy. This also reduces arc length sensitivity and improves arc stability.