Welder Staffing Agency and Welding Equipment for hire

We are able to offer fully trained and highly skilled TIP TIG Welders for all materials and application for lease throughout Europe and where necessary worldwide to significantly enhance your weld quality and shop or site productivity. Your company’s requirements can be accommodated from the provision of large welding teams for major projects on site, to a single welder required in a workshop.

The welders are usually leased together with a full set of manual semi-automatic TIP TIG equipment to maximise the benefit that the process can bring.

This may offer a very attractive solution to companies and projects who are unable to meet their immediate production and quality demands – usually in challenging materials ranging for aluminium, all stainless grades, Inconel and higher alloys and titanium.

This can minimise the capital expenditure required to purchase new equipment and reduces the lead time required in the purchasing process. Further, the lead time to recruit and train high quality TIP TIG Welders is also significantly reduced with the associated risk to progress of a project.

Welder qualification can be arranged prior to the start of production at our facility in Ploiesti, north of Bucharest, to the required specification. Further training with project procedures and materials can be undertaken when required to minimise production ramp-up times. We recognise the importance of hitting the ground running for any project.

Personnel and equipment leasing may also offer an excellent option to ease the translation of a welding shop from other traditional welding processes to TIP TIG with the benefit that that brings.

We understand that in leasing personnel and equipment we are central to your means of production – we will continue to fully support you throughout the duration with full technical back-up including award winning Welding Engineering – we are always available.

Now there can be no excuse to take your weld quality and productivity to a new level.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and see what we can do for you.


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