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3 replies
  1. Frederick Christensen
    Frederick Christensen says:

    Hi Jurgen,
    Apart from the plastic door sides, what is the difference between the portable all in one unit and the standard all in one unit?


    • Juergen Plasch
      Juergen Plasch says:

      Dear Frederick,

      Thank you for your message.
      The difference between the Portable-AllinOne and the standard AllinOne is, that the standard AllinOne is a shop unit with an optional automation interface.
      On the other side, the Portable-AllinOne is a field unit, built for the toughest welding conditions.

      Best Regards

  2. Frederick Christensen
    Frederick Christensen says:

    Hi Jurgen,
    I am trying to get information on your small portable wire feeder suitcase. Is this the same as the Portable All in One unit which has an inbuilt Hot Wire unit or is it a wire feeder only, and you still need to have a separate Hot Wire unit for the Hot Wire? Your urgent response will be appreciated.


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