TIP TIG aluminum welding

TIP TIG aluminum welding
  • 6 mm + 6 mm
  • Material: 5356
  • No joint preparation
  • Weld Amps: 340 A
  • Welding speed: 0.35 m/min (13.8 IPM)
  • AVC (arc voltage control)
  • Dramatic productivity gains
  • Dramatic cost reductions
  • Almost no joint preparation up to a material thickness of 10 mm (0.40 in)
  • Low level of weld seam crowning and low distortion
  • No slag or spatter
  • Up to 100 times faster welding speeds compared to traditional TIG welding
  • Welding parameters are easy to select and set
  • Flexibility in terms of welding position
  • Highly effective closed cooling circuit
  • Easy changing and regrinding of electrodes
  • Single-pass welding of thin and thick metal sheets is possible
  • Low costs and energy requirements
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